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Turn Hours to Minutes

Conduct in-depth research, draft emails, opinions, calculate provisional tax, find valuable sources, depreciation rates and learn, all in one place.

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Most Accurate Tax AI Available

Experience the Cutting Edge with our Flagship NZ Tax AI

Seamlessly utilise specialist AI with our one of a kind platform. Unlock the potential of your team and take productivity to new heights.

  • Answer Questions
  • Mentor Juniors
  • Find Citations
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Best in Class Security

Built with Security Front of Mind

Be rest assured knowing that you and your clients' data is safe with us. We only use secure, third-party audited data centres with firm controls.

  • All Data is Encrypted in Transit and at Rest
  • Our Models are Never Trained on Your Inputs
  • We Maintain Strict Organisational Procedures

The tools that you always wanted

Law Cyborg has been built from the ground up for tax professionals. We offer the best tools in the game.

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Our Tax AI's Capabilities

Strap in. Our Tax AI does amazing things. Ask questions, generate opinions, produce graphs and more.

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Depreciation Rate Finder

Our modern solution to finding accurate depreciation rates where other tools can't.

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Our Team

Our team is pretty incredible. Check out their profiles.

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Trust Centre

Explore what we do to keep you and your client's data safe and secure.

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Knowledge Base

Discover how to best utilise our AI-powered tax tools and more.

Tax AI Features

Why choose us?

Our team is led by industry professionals who became frustrated with the status quo. So we set out to fix it.

Low and Transparent Pricing

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge as much as you'll let us. Our prices are below our competitors' and always public.

Always Secure

We implement best-in-class cyber security practices. Our team takes the security of our systems and its data seriously.

No Minimum Term

Our clients love our product and we know that you will too. We do not lock you into annual subscriptions because we don't need to.

Frequent Updates

Our tools receive frequent high-quality updates so that they stay relevant, useful and constantly improve.

Kiwi Owned and Operated

Law Cyborg is proudly owned and operated by Kiwis. Your subscription directly supports the New Zealand economy.

Local Human Support

We have a responsive and connected support team whose job is to ensure that you are set up to succeed, no matter the size of your business.

Step into the future.

Use the tax research AI that you've always dreamed of having.

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